Thomas Rhodes 'Lock'tail Recipes

With a second lockdown underway, its time to get creative in the kitchen again. We asked our Executive Head Chef Thomas Rhodes for a couple of his favourite cocktail recipes to share, just in time for the festive season.

1. Candy Cane, Baileys Hot Chocolate

Serves 2


480g Whole Milk

30g Cocoa Powder or Hot Chocolate

3g Cinnamon Powder

70g Baileys

2 Candy canes


Gently heat milk to warm (70oc) do not boil. (if you have a milk frother, this is the perfect thing for it)

Stir Baileys into the warm milk, using the candy cane

Mix Cinnamon and Hot chocolate

Stir the chocolate mix into the hot milk using the candy cane

Poor into two latte glasses

Serve with the candy cane in the glass hooked over the edge

Sat in front of the fire looking out to the winter cold and enjoy

2. Winter Gin Hot toddy

Serves 2


480g Warm Water

5g Caster Sugar

Juice from one Tangerine

70g London dry gin

Peel of the tangerine


Mix the tangerine juice. Gin and sugar

Gradually add the hot water while constantly stirring

Twist and burn the peel of the tangerine

Serve in a goblet with the twist of tangerine

Perfect post walk, work or trip to the supermarket

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