A Q&A with HUB XV COO - Alan Todd, The rise of co-working

It's been a couple of months since Hub XV launched at Twickenham's luxurious East Stand. We caught up with Alan Todd, Hub XV's Chief Operating Officer, to discuss a bit more about the venue and how things have been running since the rise of the co-working environment.

Tell us about Hub XV….

Hub XV transforms largely under-utilised event space and corporate hospitality areas within sports stadiums into vibrant business community spaces.

How would you define co-working?

Co-working spaces provide a productive and collaborative environment for it's members, whilst being an extremely flexible and cost effective workspace solution.

What makes a good co-working space?

Inspirational locations and designs, highly trained and professional staff, networking events, collaboration between individuals and companies, very flexible contract terms, robust Wi-Fi, and usually complimentary parking at sports stadiums.

Who tends to use a co-working space?

Until recently co-working spaces mostly attracted start-ups and entrepreneurs. With the acceleration of flexible working, members are increasingly diverse attracting SME's and larger corporates, the latter due to the benefits to their employees by promoting increased wellbeing, productivity, and access to like-minded people within a business community.

What are the benefits of using a shared workspace such as the East Wing at Twickenham?

We are thrilled to be in partnership with Twickenham and to be able to utilise part of this incredible space with views over the hallowed ground, together with panoramic views over West London and towards the City. The fit out is similar to a boutique members club and has been built and furnished to a very high standard. Further benefits include ample parking for members and guests, complimentary hot drinks including quality bean to cup coffee, and once fully open high-quality catering. Post pandemic we will be hosting our monthly events, ideal networking opportunities, in the presence of past and present sporting legends.

What trends are you seeing in a co-working space?

A more diversified membership and, recently, members using the space as a place to work for a few days a week, rather than dropping in from time to time or just for meetings. For some it's been their only place to be able to effectively work from. With increased co-working forecasted as flexible working becomes the norm there will be an even more reliance on robust connectivity and simplified management systems.

How has COVID-19 affected the workplace?

Since March most of us have experienced the largest remote work experience in history. We predict a significant growth in office regionalisation in the near and probably longer term with a popular desire to avoid mass transit/commuting into city centres. Many corporates are having to reduce their pre-covid office space capacity which in some cases has dropped by as much as 80% due to social distancing measures. Those employees which are unable to return to their workplace could benefit from working near home rather than from home. Co-working in the regions provides greater choice and flexibility as to how and where people work.

How important is health and safety, what measures are in place?

Without question our main priority is the safety of our staff, our members, and their guests. This is taken very seriously. Different venues have differing measures in place, and in each case the venues and ourselves go above and beyond Government guidelines in respect of social distancing and hygiene protocols. This is why we remain open during the current lockdown.

Some say there is a lack of privacy or co-working can be distracting, what measures are in place to ensure these problems are overcome?

Co-working is not for everyone and we do not promote quiet isolation. Privacy levels depend on the location and space orientation. At Twickenham's East Wing we have a vast amount of space where quiet corners can easily be found for conference calls and private meetings. We also provide meeting rooms for additional privacy and more formal occasions.

What do you see being the developing future for Hub XV and co-working?

Co-working spaces have been growing at a rapid rate over recent years, and we believe the pandemic will serve to greatly accelerate this growth. Hub XV provides a unique, inspirational environment promoting wellbeing and collaboration. Accordingly we have numerous venues in the pipeline across the UK, but for now our focus is on launching at Twickenham Stadium, the world's greatest rugby venue by far.

If you're interested in booking your Hub XV space or planning on, please do not hesitate to contact us. Get in touch to find out more about our packages and costs of Twickenham's new co-working space.

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