Yummiest Yorkshire pudding recipe

It's time to perfect that Yorkshire pudding recipe. Here's our Head Chef, Thomas Rhodes, family recipe, perfect for a Sunday roast!


200g Plain flour
4 free range eggs
200g whole milk
60g Beef Dripping

Mix the flour and eggs in a bowl with a SPOON, not to over work the gluten. Slowly add the milk, while stirring with a spoon until lumps have nearly all gone.

Cover and place in the fridge for 3hours.

Evenly split the beef dripping between the 12 sectors of a muffin tray.

Heat the tray in the oven at 25o°C for 20 minutes.

Pour cold mixture into the hot dripping and place in centre of oven for 20 minutes.

Open oven door to allow the steam to leave, then cook for a further 10 minutes or until golden brown.

Remove from oven and serve.

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