Proudly served at Twickenham: Celebrating local and sustainable fare

As rugby fans gather at Twickenham Stadium to witness the electrifying clash between England and Ireland, there's more than just the action on the field to savour. Twickenham's hospitality experiences have grown in sophistication over the years, and the culinary offerings are certainly no exception to that.

Phenominally, planning for international fixtures at Twickenham starts a year out, which includes beginning the planning process for new menus and sourcing the ingredients. Quality and locality of the produce is of utmost importance and Executive Head Chef, Thomas Rhodes ensures this by visiting farms and factories to learn more about where the key ingredients being served are coming from.

We take a look at what's on the plate ahead of England v Ireland:

Bread and Butter
Kicking off with the basics, guests can enjoy Irish soda bread made from 100% wildfarmed flour, a more sustainable, environmentally aware bread, that is also really tasty! Paired with English cultured butter from Cheshire, alongside plant-based butter options.

A starter of duck is served, that elevates every part of the duck carcass. From the succulent smoked breast reminiscent of ham, to the delicate liver transformed into a parfait, no part goes to waste. Each element celebrates the essence of the animal while incorporating seasonal flavors like rhubarb.

The main course
The main course features locally sourced beef from Lake District Farmers, ensuring the highest quality and freshness. Again, the use of the whole carcass reflects a commitment to sustainability, with every cut finding its place on the menu. Opting for smaller cuts of the finest meat on every plate, accompanied by brisket, short rib, shin, chuck and rump all braised and utlised as a second cut on the same plate. Fat from the carcuss is rendered down to make dripping, and used to press into potatoes for pommes Anna, while all other cuts are minced to make bolognese for staff.

Dessert and cheese
For those with a sweet tooth, the dessert selection boasts mostly plant-based options and a honey cake infused with honey from the stadium's very own beehives. Cheese lovers can indulge in a selection featuring English Tunworth from Hampshire and Keens Cheddar from Somerset, alongside the Irish Cashel Blue from Tipperary, showcasing the best of both nations.

Post-match treats
As the final whistle blows, the feasting continues with post-match pies from Yorkshire bound Made In Oldstead, run by Michelin Star chef Tommy Banks.

As England and Ireland face off on the rugby pitch, the culinary offerings at Twickenham celebrate local ingredients, reduce waste, and champion sustainability. So, as fans cheer for their teams, they can also raise a fork to a shared appreciation for good food.

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