Virtual Hybrid Events at Twickenham Stadium

Encore, our AV partner have been delivering hybrid events at Twickenham Stadium for many years, they just haven't been called hybrid events for very long. However as the demand for interactive options has grown, technical solutions have adapted. What began as streaming an in-person event to a passive audience has grown into a connected, intentionally-designed event experience and at first glance options can seem overwhelming and confusing for event planners.

We believe that hybrid events are here to stay and some of the key messaging we are delivering at the moment is that hybrid doesn't need to be complicated or expensive, customers don't need to have a studio to deliver an exceptional hybrid event. Just like for any in-person event, solutions can be fully scaled to meet any requirement.

We have created a strategic framework which is a great place to start when planning a hybrid event at Twickenham Stadium.

Build Event Mission

What should your participants (virtual and in-person attendees, presenters, sponsors) gain from participating?

What do you provide for your participants that no one else can?

Create Attendee Journey

Think thoughtfully through your attendee journey. Are there any weak spots or areas where you can add extra value? Attendee journey mapping is intended to help you improve the experience.

Set Benchmarks for Success

Objectives - set measurable goals.

KPIs - create ways to measure and meet those goals.

Understand your Audience - Virtual & In-Person

How large will your in-person versus remote audience be?

Does past event data reveal ways they prefer to engage with one another? How can you emulate this for hybrid?

If you don't already have one, create a customer persona based on your primary audience types.

If you're seeking an event platform, test the engagement tools. Also, keep the following in mind:

Analytics will tell you what someone did; not necessarily why they did it. What sort of behaviour are you interested in tracking?

Determine Storytelling Techniques

Will you need to provide early access to resources pre-event?

Do you have pre-recorded content you can re-purpose?

How many presenters will you have?

What needs will your onsite versus remote presenters have?

How does your audience prefer to take in information?

Will your content be available on-demand post event?

In addition to this framework, we have identified six key drivers for hybrid event success.

The six drivers - environment, experience, engagement, connectivity, content, and production - work cross-functionally, like joints supporting a structure. Each one supports your hybrid event and each one needs to be firm with no weak links or areas of stress.

Hybrid Environments

Hybrid meetings bring people together from multiple locations in different group sizes, so a well thought out environment will create a purposeful experience for both the in-person and remote participants. These might be connecting different rooms and locations within the stadium as well as connecting with locations off-site.

Experience Methods (Sound/Display/Capture)

Viewing content and seeing remote participants are imperative to the experience. Camera positioning, quantity of monitors, options for displaying presentations and galleries as well as capturing the experience for post event playback are key considerations. We have a number of solutions that complement the event space at Twickenham perfectly.

Engagement Methods

Select the appropriate hybrid platform tools for all participants. Whether you use a basic cloud video solution or leverage a fully customisable platform, equitable engagement should be top of mind. Engagement opportunities can be extended by including on-demand options as a post live event incentive. All of the technical solutions on offer at Twickenham Stadium are compatible with any platform which provides great flexibility to any customer planning an event.

Network & Connectivity

A stable robust network is critical. Thinking about redundancy and bandwidth requirements for both in person and remote presenters if crucial as well as providing adequate Wi-Fi for everyone. Without doubt Twickenham Stadium has to be one of the leading venues in terms of connectivity. A modern national stadium has to be able to cater for demand and Twickenham certainly delivers on this front.


Content no longer just applies to message delivery. When combined with creative elements you can elevate the remote attendee experience to a level that is as effective as the live in-person participant.

Production, Show Flow, Process

The deadlines and overall show flow for a hybrid evet may differ from the traditional. Consider two teams to manage the hybrid event, both aligned: one to Produce the in-person experience; another that Produces the virtual attendee experience.

The key here is finding the right balance of hybrid for your event and the unique set of parameters that makes your event individual.

Although this framework has been designed to help set customers on the road to success, we recognise that there is still quite a lot of uncertainty around hybrid events. As the long-standing in-house AV and Production partner to Twickenham Stadium, Encore is on hand to help guide planners through the process so please do engage with us early and often.

We have a wealth of free Hybrid Event information and resources available on our website including our Hybrid Event Handbook which takes a much deeper dive into the hybrid drivers. To find out more, please ask your Twickenham Stadium contact to arrange a meeting with us about your event and please visit Encore Virtual Hybrid Events.

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