How to promote your event on social media

Social media is one of the best ways to promote an event and create a buzz that will maximise your marketing efforts. With multiple platforms to utilise, you can reach your audience through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram to promote your next event and engage with customers to drive ticket sales.

However, when it comes to using social media to promote an event, you need to have a strategy in place. You can't just simply create an event via Facebook for example and expect the event to sell itself. You need to look at the USP of your event and promote it in a way that stands out and makes people want to attend.

Here are our top tips to promoting your event on social media.

Choose the right social media platforms

This will depend on your industry and the nature of your event; some platforms will be more effective than others. Facebook is great for creating event pages, sharing event updates and engaging with followers. LinkedIn is more suited to industry networking and connecting with other professionals. Twitter is a great place to create an event hashtag and discuss the event, whilst Instagram is a visual platform that will allow you to create engaging images and videos to share with your audience.

Create an event hashtag

Choose a unique event hashtag that is short, to the point and easy for people to use and remember. Having a consistent hashtag will enable your audience to easily find posts about the event, while also encouraging them to share posts about the event themselves.

Reach out early

The sooner you get started with your social media promotion the better. The more posts you create and discussions you start surrounding your event will ensure the word is out and get you a wider reach.

Encourage your promoters

If you have speakers at your event, encourage them to promote the event on their personal social media channels. This will reach loyal fans and followers, whilst also promoting your event to an audience that may not have found out about it otherwise.

Update your profiles with relevant content

When promoting a specific event, you can exchange your usual social media cover and profile photos for temporary promotional event images. This will again ensure maximum exposure. You could also make a promotional video for fans, speakers and attendees to share, as well as other event assets, such as graphics, for people to add to their images.

Paid social media ads

You can promote your event completely free-of-charge through social channels, however, there is the option to launch paid social media ads. This will directly target your audience with a set promotional post. Alongside your organic posts, paid social ads can generate positive leads.

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