How to find the perfect event venue

When it comes to planning an event, the first step you need to take is choosing the venue. Generally speaking, the venue is where you will spend a large proportion of your budget, so it needs to be just right and fit the overall needs of your event.

To find the right space, you will need to do your research and find somewhere that has the equipment you need, as well as being easily accessible to all of your attendees. The success of any event is all down to how well each component works together. Your event or evening will likely have a theme or tone and the venue should be part of creating this.

To help you find the best venue for your event, we've put together some of our top tips to help you out.


Whether you're planning a large corporate conference or a small networking event, planning is key. This should be the first stage of choosing your venue and gives you a chance to really think about what you want to achieve and the goals of your event.

If you have an idea of the style of event you want to host, the equipment needed, the theme and how your event will flow, you will hopefully have a better idea of the type of venue you need. Discuss your aims and objectives with the venue, they know their space better than anyone and will be able to support you with ways in which to achieve these.


Another crucial step to finding the perfect venue is research. Visit venues, ask for recommendations from employees or other contacts you know within your industry, and research online.

You also need to make sure you're organised and don't leave researching your venue to the last minute. If you don't allow enough time for planning and research, you might find yourself disappointed as good venues are generally booked up far in advance.


Choosing the location of your venue can impact who attends. You need to ensure your venue is near easy transport links and car parking is available for those who are driving. If you have attendees coming from all around the country or flying in internationally, a consideration would be to choose a venue that is close by an airport or train station and has accommodation onsite or close by.


Creating a theme and setting a tone that is memorable and tailored to your event is key. The ambience and feel of a venue can set the tone for the day or evening, so it's best to visit the venue before booking. That way you can see the venue for yourself and get a feel for how your event will work in the space.

Choosing a venue can be tricky, but if you focus on these key elements and carry out sufficient research, the remaining planning for your event can be a lot less stressful!

Here at Twickenham Stadium, we have a variety of suites and conference facilities available, as well as world class catering and hospitality services. We were even featured as one of the top 5 sports grounds by Hire Space.

If you would like to view or hire one of our venue spaces for your event, get in touch today to speak to a friendly member of our team.

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