Christmas to Come Early for Events Industry

Data from Twickenham Stadium is showing a rise in Christmas Party bookings for the 2023/24 season. The venue is reporting a 250% rise in converted enquiries and 24% growth in the average booking size across the stadia's exclusive use events, compared with figures from this time last year.

This growth reflects positively on the venue but is also indicative of a wider trend that is seeing more businesses grow in confidence around larger end of year celebrations. Twickenham has long held a reputation for quality festive season events, leading the change to re-adopt traditional Christmas menus and theming in the past.

"The festive season has always been a useful indicator of market confidence," commented Nils Braude, Managing Director, Twickenham Stadium. "Usually, longer lead bookings are looking for larger events, higher production, and a higher return on investment. This market is the bedrock of the industry and shows confidence that businesses want to invest in events as a powerful means to bring customers, clients, and staff together."

"If they are confident about festive events, we should be positive about the autumn season and also the Q1 2024 marketplace," continues Nils. "In our business they are connected and underline the growth wave that seems to have continued throughout the year. It could signal real positivity for everyone."

More recently, Twickenham has expanded on its inclusive event offering during the summer and festive seasons, from plant-forward menus to alcohol replacement options for those looking to celebrate the season, but open up guests to a more diverse and inclusive cultural celebration.

Nils adds, "We've always looked to lead this market from a creative perspective, but also an inclusive one. We're really proud of the work we've done in sustainable eating, plant-first menus and different dietary requirements. We're pleased to be offering different options for the growing number of guests who don't celebrate the traditional Christmas but deserve the same quality and inclusion in the celebrations."

More information on Twickenham's Christmas offering can be found at

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