Security on Event Days

Safety and security are our top priority at Twickenham Stadium, and we do a lot to ensure you have a great time.

If you're coming to the Stadium, please ensure you arrive in plenty of time to pass through the security checks in place for all who attend.

Our security and customer support stewards are there to help you through this whole process, so please don't be surprised if they say a friendly hello along the journey to and at the stadium. We ask politely for your co-operation during these essential checks, so please speak to the team if you have any concerns on the day or use our text HELP to 60886 to get support for any safety or security issues.

Bag Policy

Ask yourself before you attend 'is my bag essential?'

It's better for everyone if you do not bring a bag at all. If you do need to bring a bag, the following is permitted: A4 or smaller.

We do not allow large bags into the venue. If you do need to bring a large bag with you, please check with the stadium or the supplied pre-event information on the bag drop facility. There may be a charge for use of this facility.

For the Gallagher Premiership Final, any bags over A4 size will need to be deposited at the Bag Drop facility at Webb Ellis House on Rugby Road. There is a £5 charge for this service.

All bags are searched so please give yourself enough time to arrive and have this completed before entering.

An exception will be made for medically necessary items after thorough proper inspection at the search gates.

Thank you for your co-operation.

Preparing for entry

Step by step:

  • External food and drink are not allowed into the venue. There is plenty of options inside, so please finish any pre-entry refreshments you have before joining the queues.
  • If you have a large bag, check with one of the team about the bag drop location.
  • Head to one of the gate options shown on your ticket and join one of the queues.
  • Have your phone ready if using the digital ticket app or your physical ticket.
  • Open any outer jackets and bags (smaller than A4) and remove large items. These can be placed at the search station for the staff to check.
  • You don't need to remove belts or shoes.
  • The search staff will conduct the checks and instruct you further.
  • Once cleared pass through the ticket turnstile with your ticket.
  • Have a great time.

What else do we do to keep you safe?

So much more than you can see.

Our trained security teams look after the venue 24/7 and work hard to ensure the venue is safe and secure for all to enjoy.

Our friendly search dogs are out and about too, so say hello when you see them.

Our work with the Metropolitan Police and security industry professionals mean that we are always working at a high standard and ensure the security levels at the venue are appropriate and the right resources are in place for your visit.

If you have any questions before the event or require some further guidance before attending, please contact us here.

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