England Rugby is warning fans not to list, transfer or purchase tickets through secondary ticketing service providers, auction sites or other websites other than the RFU's official Ticket Exchange.

The listing, transfer or sale of tickets on secondary ticket platforms such as Viagogo and Stubhub is not permitted and is a breach of the RFU Ticket Terms and Conditions which will result in tickets being cancelled without refund where this is identified. The RFU Ticket Terms and Conditions also prohibit the transfer or sale of tickets for a higher price than the face value shown on the ticket.

Unfortunately, despite warnings, each season the ticket office at Twickenham Stadium deals with a number of fans who have paid over inflated prices for tickets and are unfortunately unable to gain entry to the match due to having purchased tickets through an unofficial secondary ticketing service provider.

So as to make it clear what can and cannot be done with Guinness Men's Six Nations match tickets, this season all fans issued with a digital ticket via the Twickenham Stadium app will be shown a short video making it clear that if they are no longer able to attend the match, they can list their tickets on the RFU's official Ticket Exchange which can then be purchased by a fellow fan at the face value of the ticket.   

Steve Kitcher, RFU Head of Ticketing said: "The RFU takes the issue of secondary market tickets very seriously and is working hard to curtail the activities of unofficial sales through unauthorised ticket agencies and other means.

"The introduction of digital ticketing in the last couple of years has made tracking suspicious ticket activity far easier to monitor and act upon.

"The last thing we want, is for a fan to arrive on match day to find their ticket is not valid because they've bought from an unauthorised resale site.

"With all profit generated by the sale of England Rugby match tickets reinvested back into the game of rugby union, we strongly condone those looking to take advantage of demand for their own benefit and we urge fans to only purchase through the RFU's official Ticket Exchange or face disappointment."

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