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When planning a wedding, couples typically set aside around 30% of their budget on the venue. This is no small amount, so it's important you find the right wedding venue for you and your celebration.

There are many things you'll want to consider before making your choice, and with planning a wedding being stressful enough, we've listed everything for you right here.

Size and space


Getting the right size for the venue is important; not only do you want to avoid packing you and your guests in like sardines into a venue that's too small, but you also don't want a venue that's too big as it can feel empty. You'll need to take the Goldilocks approach and find one that's just right for you.

You'll need to consider space for the ceremony, the wedding breakfast, the bar and the dancefloor, as well as space for the guests themselves. Most venues will let you take a tour of the property so you can get a good feel for the location; begin by drawing up a shortlist and visiting some possible wedding venues to help you choose the perfect venue.

Flexible space

If you've found THE venue for you but feel that the space is too big, remember: you can break up the space with dividers or drapes. This creates more appropriately-sized areas and they can be easily rearranged on the day by your wedding coordinator and venue staff as the needs change, e.g. as more people arrive for the evening reception.

Work with your wedding coordinator to map out how you want to use the space and how spaces should be sectioned off or opened up as the day progresses.

Having a clear idea of what you want and working with your wedding coordinator helps to make sure your wedding fits your requirements.



Many couples want their wedding to have the WOW factor and the venue plays a big hand in dazzling your guests. Beyond the typical venues of religious establishments and hotels, couples are looking at rustic venues, historic sites, natural spaces and sporting arenas in which to hold their weddings, to give them a more personal stamp, impress their guests and make their day even more memorable.


When considering how well a venue fits with your wedding theme and your personal aesthetic, look at the small details throughout the venue, such as the carpets, the chairs, the colours of the walls, and the paintings and other art. Make sure it meets your designs and aesthetics, and do this in each of the rooms you'll be using.

Think about how you'll want to decorate the venue to tie it into your wedding theme - lights, floral arrangements, tableware. Does what you have in mind fit with how the room is already decorated?


Of course, there are plenty of logistical points to consider when looking at venues.

Getting there and staying there

Ensuring your guests can get there is key. Is it served well by public transport? If you anticipate most guests will be driving, is there enough parking?

Another consideration is overnight accommodation, particularly if your guests are coming from further afield. Are there rooms on-site, or nearby hotels/B&Bs?


Food is of course another big part of your wedding and one that can make a real difference to the day. Be sure to ask your potential venues about their catering and what the options are - do they have a range of preferred caterers? Are you able to bring in external caterers? Can you taste their menus in advance? Can they cater to your and your guests' dietary requirements?

Finishing up

Twickenham Stadium is a truly unique wedding venue that is sure to make your day extra special and drop your guests' jaws. We have a variety of wedding suites that can be tailored to your needs and a range of catering suppliers for you to choose from, to ensure your wedding reflects you and your tastes. With ample parking spaces and a hotel on-site, it's an easy choice for hosting the wedding of your dreams.

We have a Classic Package and Premium Package ready for your wedding day; get in touch today to see how we can make your big day even more special.

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