#TopTwickenhamTips How to Plan an Impressive Team Christmas Party

Christmas parties are often a teams biggest celebration of the year, providing a great opportunity to honour the years achievements, and socialise before a Christmas break. However, planning a Christmas party for a team can seem a daunting task, due to the vast amounts of factors to consider and the number of guests to individually impress.

To support you with planning your own party, here are our #TopTwickenhamTips for how to plan an impressive team Christmas party, to ensure a memorable celebration.


An overall budget is a crucial first step to organising any event, and a successful Christmas party is no exception. The budget should provide a comprehensive cover for all factors of the party, including the cost to secure a suitable venue, your chosen food and drink, an impressive choice of entertainment, and more. Try to make this as realistic as possible to help you filter your options when searching for these factors.

Party date

Try to choose a date and time that will work best for your attendees, ideally as close to your Christmas break as possible. Deciding upon a party date early will allow you to secure a venue before others potentially beat you to it, as many popular venues will begin to be booked up quickly towards Christmas time.


The venue that you choose to host your party will provide a big impression upon your guests and affect the experience they take from the event. Ensure that you choose a space that will comfortably accommodate your number of expected guests, as well as one that will compliment your party theme, house all other elements of your party, and be easy for guests to travel to and from, or stay nearby.

Food and drink

Food and drink are a large part of guest event experiences, and so choosing a Christmas party menu is a big factor towards your events success. Due to differing taste and dietary requirements, we recommend that you should always aim to offer a selection of dishes and drinks choices, with suitable vegetarian, vegan or other dietary alternatives available for those with different requirements.


Try to ensure when choosing your party entertainment that your choice will suit your event theme and atmosphere. If you're expecting a lively party with a busy dance floor, why not pick an impressive DJ or live band, if you're hosting more of a seated dining event or awards evening, an impressive guest speaker or comedian should work well to impress your guests.

Similar to the event venue, popular entertainment solutions will be booked up early around Christmas, so try to ensure that you give plenty of notice when securing your chosen option.


Once you have confirmed your party date, secured your venue, entertainment, and food and drink, it is time to let your guests know what they can expect from their Christmas celebration. Send out notice of your party as early as possible to ensure a high attendance number, and tempt them with all of the brilliant things that they can expect from the event!


It's party time! Enjoy all of the hard work that has gone into planning your event and celebrate the years achievements with your guests!

To avoid the extensive planning and research that can go into creating a Christmas party from scratch, here at Twickenham we provide a wide selection of impressive, easy to book Christmas parties in all corners of our famous grounds.

Twickenham Christmas Party Packages are designed to suit a variety of budgets and guest numbers, with packages available including an impressive venue space with a Christmas theme throughout, delicious food and drink, impressive entertainment and much more. Moreover, based in South West London, Twickenham offers a variety of great transport connections, as well as an onsite 4* Marriott Hotel, ensuring an easy travel route or comfortable stay to all guests.

Smaller sized groups looking to celebrate in a big party atmosphere are also invited to attend one of our lively shared Christmas party packages, on Saturday 10 and Friday 16 December 2022, providing an evening of delicious Christmas food, ice-cold drinks, live entertainment and much more.

Learn more about the fantastic variety of Christmas packages available at Twickenham by visiting our Christmas Party pages, or call our team to discuss your unique party requirements on 020 8744 9997.

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