Meet The Twickenham Team: Luciano Dodero

Meet Luciano, Twickenham's Head of Conferences and Events. Having joined the team in 2006, Luciano has seen a wide variety of brilliant events take place at the stadium. As part of our new Meet The Team Q&A series, learn how Luciano plays an important role in all events held at the stadium, and how he could support your next Twickenham event.

When did you join Twickenham, and what attracted you to join?

I joined Twickenham originally as a freelancer during the 2006 Guinness Six Nations campaign, with the first match I experienced working being England v Wales. What attracted me to join was that I have played rugby my entire life, and so as a big fan, the opportunity to work at the Home of England Rugby was opportunity not to be missed.

What is your role in the set-up of events at Twickenham?

I am the Head of Conference and Events at Twickenham; therefore, I oversee events on their full journey, from inception, to the planning stage, event day delivery and post event communication also. This includes tasks such as package and event design, event day planning and organisation, and operational decisions throughout.

What is your favourite stadium event space and why?

One of our core competences as a unit is the use of the England Changing Room, Players Tunnel and all pitchside areas. I absolutely love seeing people's faces when they experience their first visit to these impressive stadium locations, due to their awe-inspiring nature.

What is the best event that you’ve seen hosted at Twickenham?

It is very difficult for me to single out a specific event, therefore I will have to name three! I would say the JTI party, hosted in The Lock No. 4 in 2019. This is due to the events unique creativity and logistical complexities. Another event that stands out would be a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory themed dinner that we hosted in the Nightingale Suite in 2014. This is due to the events originality and fun nature. Finally, I would say Leaders Week is always a particular highlight for the team each year, as it's a real collective effort to deliver the event, which brings us all together, and it is fantastic to see it unfold on delivery day.

What is your favourite type of event to host at the stadium?

I enjoy every type of event that we host at Twickenham, it's impossible to choose just one. The best feeling is when the client leaves completely satisfied with what they have received from us. A tea and coffee drop for five people will be treated by our team with the same upmost importance as a conference for 1000+. We ultimately want all clients to leave satisfied with their Twickenham experience.

How would you describe Twickenham in three words?

I would have to say Fun, Exciting, and Challenging.

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