42 Corporate Event Entertainment Ideas

Corporate events can be a great way to bring your team together, build relationships, and celebrate achievements. However, finding entertainment ideas that are both fun and appropriate for a professional setting can be challenging. Here are 42 fun and exciting entertainment ideas that are sure to keep your colleagues, customers, suppliers and business partners engaged and entertained.

Twickenham Stadium has a huge variety of hireable venues from The Clubhouse Restaurant and Union Ale House to the World Rugby Museum and Captains Club, as well as the Spirit of Rugby and even the England Changing Room. You can even hire the Stadium Bowl. We're sure to have a superb venue for your event - see all our venues here.

Hiring entertainers

Here at Twickenham Stadium, we have a list of entertainment suppliers we work with regularly and we are also more than happy for you to source your own providers.

Below is a list of different kinds of entertainment you may like to hire:


  • Bring in a comedian for a night of laughs.
  • A live band that can play calming background music or get guests pumped with some rock classics.
  • Combine a live band with your own colleagues' singing talents in band-aoke.
  • A live DJ who can spin tracks to get guests in the mood for the event.
  • A dance troupe to wow your guests.
  • Hire a cast of actors to portray a murder mystery plot that your colleagues can try to work out.
  • Hire a hypnotherapist for some fun and light-hearted hypnotism.
  • Hire circus acts like stilt-walkers, jugglers and fire-eaters to add flare and excitement to the event.
  • Hire singing waiters to surprise your guests as they burst into song throughout the evening.

1-on-1 entertainers

  • Hire a caricature artist who can draw guests as rugby players or coaches.
  • Hire a magician for a night of magic and illusion.
  • Hire a mentalist to perform mind-reading tricks.
  • Hire a tarot card reader for some mystic entertainment.
  • Face (and body) painters - great for carnival-type events

Professional instructors

  • Bring in a mixologist to teach a cocktail-making class.
  • Organise a wine-tasting session with a wine expert - perfect in the Twickenham Cellar.
  • Set up a craft station where team members can make their own personalised items.
  • Host a painting class with a professional artist.
  • Hire a dance instructor for a group lesson in salsa, tango or hip hop.

Activities and experiences

You can also hold a number of activities and experiences across our range of function spaces:


  • Set up a giant Jenga or Connect Four game for some team-building fun.
  • A giant inflatable obstacle course with a rugby theme.
  • An arcade area with classic games such as air hockey, foosball, and pinball machines.
  • Rugby-themed games such as scrum machine challenges, tackle bags, and speed-pass competitions.
  • Host a casino night complete with blackjack tables, roulette wheels and third-party croupiers.
  • Put your colleagues through some (externally-sourced) escape rooms.
  • A game of bingo - bringing your own prizes means you can tailor it to your company (and budget).
  • Matchmaking games to get people speaking to others in different departments or branches; give everybody a card that matches with another, and when they find their partner they can claim a prize - even if it's just something silly or small.

Get on stage

  • Host a karaoke night with team members singing their favourite songs.
  • Host a talent show where team members can showcase their hidden talents, including acting, musical instruments, storytelling, impersonations and more.
  • Host an awards night for your team with awards ranging from "Most sales this quarter" to "Most likely to go on reality TV"
  • Hold a raffle with prizes donated by the company - go the extra mile by donating proceeds to charity.


  • A photo booth with rugby-themed props such as foam fingers, hats, and balls.
  • Invite a mobile petting zoo to bring in animals like snakes, tarantulas and chameleons.
  • Host a themed party, such as a 1950s prom, movie star night or a Great Gatsby-inspired gala event.
  • Have a blind-tasting station where guests try to guess what food or drink they've just eaten or drank. This is great if your event is geared towards a specific culture as you can have guests sample food and drink from that country.
  • A graffiti wall where guests can showcase their artistic skills and paint rugby-themed murals.
  • A silent disco where guests can dance to music with wireless headphones.
  • A rugby-themed quiz with questions about the sport's history, rules and players.
  • Host an art exhibition.
  • Premiere a film for your business contacts in our own auditorium, the Live Room.


  • A private tour of the stadium with a knowledgeable guide who can share the history of the venue and its role in rugby.
  • A scavenger hunt around the stadium with clues that lead to hidden rugby-related items.

There are so many different entertainment options for corporate events that can help bring your team together and create lasting memories. With a little creativity and planning, you can create a corporate event at Twickenham Stadium that is fun, exciting, and memorable for everyone who attends. Get in touch to find out what we can do for your event.

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