Complimentary stadium tour for events booked in January, February and March

To celebrate the New Year, we are offering a complimentary stadium tour for up to 25 people for any daytime events booked in January-March 2024.

The New Year kick-off meeting is a pivotal moment for organisations, marking the start of a fresh chapter. These gatherings serve as a powerful platform for leaders to align their teams, set strategic objectives, and foster a collective sense of purpose. In these meetings, companies often reflect on past achievements, acknowledging the hard work of their teams, while simultaneously looking ahead to new challenges and opportunities.

Beyond business discussions, New Year kick-off meetings are a chance for teams to reconnect, boost morale, and build a sense of camaraderie. At Twickenham we have ample team-building opportunities from the popular HAKA energiser, to stadium abseil opportunities.

Book a daytime event with us to take place in January, February or March and enjoy a complimentary guided stadium tour for up to 25 people. Additional guides can be booked for larger parties.

Terms and Conditions Apply:

This offer is exclusively available for new bookings made at Twickenham Stadium for daytime DDR events Monday-Friday for a minimum of 25 people January-March 2024. To redeem, please mention the offer at time of enquiry.

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