5 reasons Twickenham Stadium is a secure choice of venue at this time

At a time of such uncertainty, we are holding out hope that lock down restrictions will soon start to ease and live events may start to return, albeit perhaps slightly different to how we knew it before. If you're on the search for a venue for a future event, here are five reasons why Twickenham might just be a good fit.

1. Ample onsite parking

Twickenham benefits from over 2000 car parking spaces and substantial bicycle parking, all of which is complimentary to our guests at Twickenham.

At a time when the public are being encouraged to reduce travel by public transport, parking is now being seen as a convenient, safe and higher priority option for delegates and VIP's to attend events.

2. Outdoor space

The need for space, and in particular outdoor space, at events is likely to be more important than ever, allowing delegates to take breaks outside to get fresh air and the event organiser more options to allow good social distancing practice.

Twickenham offers access to pitch-side for drinks receptions and barbecues, hire of The Patch for outdoor activities and catering and most recently is now offering event organisers the opportunity to take their lunch into the seating bowl.

3. Huge variety of rooms

Twickenham has 34 suites and 150 boxes on offer for hire, so as an event organiser you are not short of space. Where the need to reduce numbers per room due to social distancing is required, having a venue with so much choice allows the flexibility to split delegates into smaller groups, yet still hold the event within one venue.

Equally, the design of the stadium allows for easy traffic management so you can keep delegates apart, and avoid crowded halls and social areas, at Twickenham, there is space aplenty.

4. Technology

As a stadium that holds 82,000 people on a match day, the technology at Twickenham is designed to cope under a huge amount of pressure. Not least as a venue used to hosting esports events streaming a live event to millions. Offering a 1GB bearer with live backup, Twickenham is a secure choice if considering hybrid events.

5. Flexible rescheduling terms

We understand that at such an uncertain time it might be daunting committing to organising an event, which is why we have created flexible rescheduling terms to offer organisers peace of mind.

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