10 best team building activities

Team building activities can hugely benefit team morale, communication between employees and simply help your staff members get to know one another.

No matter the size of your business or enterprise, a key factor to success is teamwork. By encouraging your employees to learn about each other's strengths and weaknesses, as well as communicating about subjects other than work, your team will become stronger and closer, which can only be positive when it comes to business.

Here, we've rounded up our top 10 team building activities that are socially distanced

1.)The HAKA

The HAKA is a traditional and ancient Maori tribal dance made famous by the New Zealand All Blacks Rugby Team. This can be a great team-building activity as it brings everyone together to enjoy a shared experience. Whether it's something you enjoy socially distanced or virtually, this team building energiser will be sure to get your team talking.

2.)Strictly come dining

This team building is for culinary show lovers, and an event that requires you to split into two teams and go head-to-head to cook a dish for your colleagues to judge. In the company of expert chefs, your team is sure to enjoy this challenge however good (or bad) their creations are in the kitchen.

3.)Bake Off

Inspired by Mary Berry herself, this tempting group activity will give everyone the chance to make a sweet creation and test each other's baking skills.

4.)Masterpiece creation

This activity encourages your team to get creative and work with one another to create a giant masterpiece. Everyone will be given a small segment of a picture to complete, so everyone can be creative in a socially distanced manner, before piecing all of the creations together at the end. What better way to marvel at a work of art than one you have all created?

5.)Pub Olympics

While we may not be able to go into pubs currently, the beauty about pub Olympics is you can create this type of event anywhere. This activity will have your team battling it out with a pub quiz, and classic games such as darts, dominoes and pool.

6.)Quintessential Garden Games

This is a great outdoor team building activity that can be organised on a budget. Get your team involved with fun games such as badminton, boules, croquet and classic sports day activities such as the infamous egg and spoon race.

7.)Crime scene experience

A perfect corporate team building activity, enter the world of a simulated crime scene and allow your team to unravel it with the latest forensic detective technology and evidence-gathering. This is a great one to get your team communicating and problem solving together.

8.)GPS tablet treasure hunt

Host a GPS powered team treasure hunt for interactive fun that's also competitive. Starting with an uplifting brief, participants will then set off with their preloaded tablets to navigate the treasured location.

9.)The Cube

The Cube-style game show experience allows your employees to get competitive in head-to-head challenges under the pressure of the clock.

10.) Drumming workshop

Drumming workshops are a great team building activity as a way to work together to create cohesive sound and rhythm. It's also said to be a great stress reliever as drumming releases natural endorphins that makes people relax.

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