Men's Autumn Internationals

The autumn internationals are end of year tests which take place in November each year (excluding the World Cup years). Each team will typically play three to four matches at home against Southern Hemisphere teams. In 2023, the Rugby World Cup will be taking place from 8 September and therefore there will be no autumn internationals in November 2023.

Autumn Internationals 2024 starting date and information

The 2024 fixtures for the Autumn Internationals are scheduled to begin on Saturday 2 November, with England and New Zealand kicking things off and setting the tone for what is set to be an exciting and nail-biting four weeks of world-class rugby.

Recap of the 2022 Autumn Nations Series

There is no denying that the 2022 Autumn Nations Series had plenty of special moments and talking points.

The full listings of the Autumn Nations Series 2022 results can be found below.

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