Introducing Twickenham’s new SELF-DESTRUCTING cup

Rugby unites players and fans from around the world, where nearly every country battles damages caused by plastic pollution. As generations of fans and players come together for events staged at Twickenham, they help tackle the plastic for our planet, because sometimes the greatest thing to leave behind is nothing at all.

Watch to find out more

Take a look at our video below to find out more about how Twickenham and Lyfecycle are tackling ocean plastic pollution and how you can help to be a part of it.

Lyfecycle technology explained

The Lyfecycle "Self-destructing" cups which were launched at Twickenham in June 2022 provide an antidote to plastic pollution. While made for recycling, the cups will self-destruct on land within two years leaving no micro plastics or toxins behind. What is left is only an earth-friendly wax that becomes a part of the natural cycle of life.

No more deposit

Our new Lyfcycle cup is free to use, so there is no longer the need to collect a deposit, which we hope will offer fans quicker speed of service and with no need to collect your refund, we hope you'll have more time to enjoy Twickenham's post-match entertainment.


These cups look and feel exactly like regular plastic for their whole shelf-life.
The key difference is that if the cup escapes into the natural environment and
is exposed to natural elements such as sun, air, soil, rain, the self-destructing
technology transforms the plastic to an earth-friendly wax. The wax then
attracts microorganisms like bacteria and fungi which safely digest it and
return it to nature without harm within two years.

Can cups be recycled?

Yes! We embrace the 3 R's - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, but we have added a fourth R - Redesign. With end of use at the forefront of our minds, products with Lyfecycle technology are recyclable as well as biodegradable. Cups collected in our dedicated bins will be given to NGO recyclers to produce items such as park benches, swings (which will be donated to the local community) and giveaway items such as sunglasses and bracelets. Look out for these giveaways on Twickenham Stadium's social channels.

Do your bit, please toss your used cup in to one of our collection bins.

Lyfecycle cup - Credibility

The biodegradation process is verified by the British Standards Institution's BSI PAS 9017:2020 standard for "Biodegradation of Polyolefins in an open-air terrestrial environment". This standard, now adopted in multiple countries, contains rigorous tests to ensure no micro plastics or toxic residues are created during the process, and that full biodegradation occurs. All the testing is done independently and test reports issued by ISO & UKAS accredited laboratories.

Frequently Asked Questions

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