Twickenham's Weathervane

Learn the history behind Twickenham's Weathervane below...

The weathervane at Twickenham Stadium can be spotted at the very top of the stadium in the South East corner. There are two figures that can be seen, one of which is mythical and features Hermes, the fastest of the Greek gods known as Mercury to the Romans. He is passing a rugby ball to a player. Kenneth Dalgleish, a Scot, was the one who made the 1.9m high weathervane in 1950.

At first, its home was on the South Terrace, replacing the old clock tower but it was then moved to the north corner of the East Stand and has now ended up in its current location. In the 1950s and 60s, TV broadcasts from Twickenham began with a close-up of the weathervane, making it a familiar sight for all rugby fans. You can find a scaled down model in the World Rugby Museum collection.

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