A day in the life of Louise Dormer

We quiz Senior Account Manager Louise Dormer about what's involved in account management and Louise explains why she has adopted the nickname 'Christmas fairy' since working at Twickenham Stadium.

Name: Louise Dormer

Job title: Senior Account Manager

Number of years at Twickenham: 4 Years

Favourite food: Italian, especially lasagne

How big is the sales team? There are a total of 9 of us which is made up of four Account Managers, two Business Development Managers, one Sales Office Manager, Head of Sales and Marketing and a Marketing Executive.

Tell us a bit about your role at Twickenham… Having been here for some time my role has developed over time. I am responsible for re-actively managing enquiries and a set of key accounts to deliver my own target in revenue. I also assist the Head of Sales in managing the day to day activity for the account managers offering support and guidance where required.

How do you go about managing accounts? What does it involve? It's all about planning, so we have a plan! We set out our objectives as to what we want to achieve for each account and match these to what our clients requirements and needs are. We host regular FAM (familiarisation) trips along with on and offsite appointments to grow our knowledge and relationships with our key contacts within the corporate and agency world.

We hear your office nickname is the Christmas fairy, why is this? Ha! Since arrival at Twickenham I have shown a desire for Christmas (doesn't everyone love Christmas?!) which has now evolved to me managing this key market segment. I love it it's a great opportunity to feel festive the whole year round!

How has Christmas changed in the years over Twickenham? We have gone from a conference venue that 'can do' Christmas parties to a Christmas venue in its own right. We transform our biggest event spaces and offer a fully themed festive package. Over the last couple of years we have had an Alpine Ski theme, German Christmas markets theme and James Bond. This year we have chosen to do Roaring Twenties, as we found clients loved the glamour that the James Bond theme had and the Roaring Twenties theme offers something similar.

Why do you think Twickenham is a suitable Christmas venue? The flexibility we offer with both space and catering packages enables us to tailor packages to suit our clients requirements. The packages are also very competitively priced but don't compromise on quality.

Lastly… which is your favourite space in the stadium? I love the Twickenham Cellar because you just wouldn't expect to find it in an international stadium. The Cellar can be hired by anyone and everyone so we get a lot of private bookings in there for private dining, such as birthday parties and anniversary dinners.

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