'Oddball' ice creams

The year of 2017 is going to be going to be all about ice cream, more to the case of 'oddball' ice creams. These are relatively big in American fast dining, and it's looking likely that they may kick off in the UK. Last year we saw the milkshake craze

Our kitchen team are predicting that we will start to see a large number of veg based ice creams, such as beetroot, sweetcorn, pumpkin, sweet potato and cauliflower. A recent seven course dinner held at Twickenham in the England Changing Rooms featured a dish of duck and cauliflower ice cream, so here below is our tried and tested recipe for cauliflower ice cream:

To make the cauliflower puree


100g whole milk
100g double cream
250g Cauliflower


Combine the above into a pan, then simmer until the cauliflower is completely cooked and soft. Add all the liquid into a food processor or blender and blend until velvety smooth (usually around 5 minutes).

To make the ice cream


750g whole milk
2 vanilla pods, split and scraped
260g caster sugar
170g egg yolks
200g whipping cream

Whilst you are making the puree, combine the milk, cream and vanilla in a pan, heat over a medium heat until it begins to boil, then remove from the heat.
Whisk the eggs and yolks together (best using an electric whisk) until they become stiff and whiter in colour.
Slowly pour the warm milk mix over the eggs, whisking continuously until all the eggs and milk are combined.
Place back into the milk pan and heat while stirring until the temperature reaches 78oC. Remove from the heat, add the cauliflower puree then pour through a fine sieve and chill down.

Place the mixture in your ice cream maker and churn until the ice cream has set enough and then serve.

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