Fairtrade Fortnight: Pancake recipe

There are still many farmers and workers growing the food we eat every day who do not earn enough to feed their families, invest in their community or build resilience against health and climate shocks. Fairtrade Fortnight is the time when the movement comes together.

Farmers, campaigners, supporters, shoppers, civil society, commercial partners and the Fairtrade Foundation work together to shine a light on the problems farmers still face, and how we can all be part of the solution by choosing Fairtrade. Our Executive Head Chef, Thomas Rhodes, shares a pancake recipe that uses Fairtrade products.


100g plain flour
100g eggs (at room temperature)
20g caster sugar (Fairtrade)
300g milk
15g butter


1. Mix flour and sugar together.
2. Add eggs.
3. Mix together to form a thick batter.
4. Slowly whisk in the milk to form a lighter batter (should coat your finger but not stick to it).
5. Heat butter on medium heat in a frying pan.
6. Once butter is melted, tip into pancake batter.
7. Add a heaped spoon full of batter to the pan.
8. Swirl the batter around to make it cover the pan and make the pancake as thin as possible.
9. Cook for 45 seconds on one side then flip it over and cook for 30 seconds on the second.
10. Serve


Ice cream

Over the past twelve months, our Fairtrade statistics are:

440kg bananas
2728kg sugar
1338kg chocolate
1235kg coffee

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