Top factors to consider when choosing an event venue

When it comes to organising an event of any sort, a major consideration for planners is choosing a venue. The venue is generally where the majority of the event budget is spent, therefore choosing a space that comfortably accommodates guests and one that matches your unique event requirements is crucial.

There are many factors to consider when choosing a suitable venue, and we know that filtering through the large volume of available spaces can be tricky. Therefore, to support you in your venue search and to help you find the best space possible, here are our top factors to consider when choosing an event venue.


One of the first and most important factors to consider when planning an event and choosing a venue is the events overall budget. The budget will play a major part in deciding all other factors in this list and is therefore important to set out in advance before you begin your venue search. Try to decide upon a rough figure initially that you would be happy to spend for your event and venue before you begin your research, as this will help to narrow your search and help you set realistic targets before you begin to enquire.


Research is an important factor when booking anything, and this rule certainly applies here. Make sure you conduct research on all venues of interest to ensure that they are reliable and suitable for the event you wish to host. Seeking a second opinion always helps. Whether it be from online sources, previous guest testimonials, or word of mouth from colleagues, friends and family or contacts within your industry, a second opinion is always helpful as this can give you tips and opinions to help support your decisions.

Moreover, always leave enough time in advance to conduct your research and settle on your plans ahead of your event date. The better the venue, the more popular they will be, meaning they are likely to be booked further in advance than those less sought after. Therefore, to avoid planning disappointment, always conduct thorough research, but make sure you leave enough time to enquire ahead of your chosen event date.


Venue location is crucial to events, as this will ultimately decide who will be able to attend. To make travelling easy for your guests, always try to ensure that your venue is located close to a variety of transport links, including road connections, train stations and airports. Ample car parking is also important for those driving, as well as accommodation onsite or close by to your chosen event space, as this will ensure a comfortable visit for all travelling guests.


An early consideration to make when choosing a venue is the theme and setting of your event. This will set the tone for the occasion and help to decide the size and look of the event space you require. Will you require a stage? Do you require themed props around the room? These are all key considerations to support identifying possible event spaces, and key to filtering your venue search.

Once you are settled on a theme and have an idea of how large a space you are looking for, we recommend that you visit spaces of interest in person. Viewing event spaces in person will help you to get a proper feel for the venue and allow you to imagine how the space will eventually appear to your guests. Moreover, when visiting in person you are able to speak to the venue space team to learn more about the venue and how they will be able to help and support your event.

Here at Twickenham, we offer a fantastic variety of impressive event spaces that suit an endless range of events and budgets. Our indoor and outdoor event spaces range from intimate dining locations, to impressive conference facilities, grand party locations and much more. Learn more about our event spaces by visiting our Conferences and Events page.

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